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2008-09-26 19:17:40 by ThePegster

OMFG, I can't believe I got Bronze whistle, I think I might cry.


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2008-09-26 21:07:35



2008-10-03 20:14:53

I think you'll cry now since your whistle is now back to normal


2008-10-04 01:11:43

would you like to suck my penis


2008-10-21 17:29:00

You flash stealing bastard, your submission called "Flash Doom" was ripped off from a project from 2007. I like how you said that you, your dad and brother "designed" it. Complete bullshit. I'm usually a nice guy on here, but I don't take stealing other people's work too well. I suggest you remove before I report it stolen. You will more than likely delete this post, but if you don't take it down, I will gladly take care of it myself :) Heres the link to the ORIGINAL project: /


2008-10-21 21:12:39

"I did design this myself and I apologize for any similarities in the design to anything anyone else has made. This is also not the place to talk about MY flash, so include it in your blown whistle."

In response to your review reply (above) - how do you design a game that has already been designed? All that you did was go to / and either downloaded the source from there and compiled it, or you just downloaded the SWF from the site and just uploaded that.

So answer me this, what exactly did you "design" in this flash? I didn't get anything mixed up, the version in that link is fucking IDENTICAL.

So let's just pretend that you made it, you were able to program something so amazing in flash, yet you can't even add something as simple as a preloader? Wouldn't you think somebody would take a little more pride in something so amazing to be seen in a flash game?

*sigh* what the hell am I talking about... You're a thief, honesty isn't exactly top priority for you... SO GRATZ ON THE GAME YOU STO... I mean... made, LOL.


2009-03-31 20:03:53

no you dont!