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I met Sarah Palin!

2008-09-12 20:31:50 by ThePegster

So, when Sarah Palin came to my town in Alaska to send her son off to the Marines, she came back to my town to eat at a local breakfast joint. So, I was lucky enough to be in there sipping my coffee and reading The New Yorker when all of a sudden she came in and sat next to me. I was like "OMG ur that hot librarian lady rightt?" She said no. Then I was like "OMG ur John McCain's bitch!" And she was like ya. Then she asked if she wanted her to suck my cock. I was like hell yea. Then in a cliche, she took out her hair-tie and waved her hair all over the place, then she deepthroated that shit like there was no tomorrow right in the middle of the breakfast place. Then I came all over a girl's pancakes. I laughed and flew out the escape chute. And that is my story of how I met Sarah Palin.


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2008-09-12 20:35:52

No escape chutes.Fiction.

ThePegster responds:

This is not fiction my good sir, this is a classical poem composed by Sir ThePegster, now if you may kindly remove your self from his most glorious page, I will not be forced to destroy you.


2008-09-14 20:11:21

Hey, where do you live in Alaska? I'm in Juneau myself. Yeah, Palin's alright. I just don't like how she actually tried pushing for the hunting of wolves from helicopters. I like that she gives free head, though. I'll have to stop by the Governor's mansion sometime. lol

ThePegster responds:

I'm sorry, I don't live in Alaska, I hope I didn't get your hopes up though, I live in New Jersey, the shithole of America.