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Freshman Wednesday

2008-08-28 14:17:07 by ThePegster

Well... my time to go to high school is here...I have to go to school in under a week...


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2008-08-28 19:34:11

Haha same here! Even the same day!!!! WOAH DO YOU GO TO MY SCHOOL???

ThePegster responds:

Do u live in new jersey?


2008-08-29 21:20:18

i go back to school on thursday! hah! but yea the freshman at my school are going in on wednesday! i've never met a freshman who knew html, java, or css, but in 10th grade i took two programming classes. yea anyway have fun at skool


2008-09-03 16:59:52

Fuck you freshman.

ThePegster responds:

Fuck you sophomore/junior/ or senior.